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Product Information



It's our passion at Criminal Elements to leave as little an ecological footprint as possible, whilst still maintaining a product of exceptional quality.  At present, every single piece of the packaging you would normally throw away is fully recyclable, and contains no plastic; even the tape is paper or cellulose-based and biodegradable.  We are also working towards making the packaging 100% compostable too, so even if you toss it all into landfill by accident, it will still decompose naturally and leave no nasty petrochemicals or residues.


Just so you know, all our products are vegan and cruelty-free, and tested on ourselves, not animals. 

(Besides, rabbits keep jumping away when you try to sniff them)


Natural ingredients are seasonal, and vary slightly from year to year.  As our fragrances contain such a high proportion of these naturals, this often means our fragrances will also vary slightly from batch to batch...


While every care is taken prior to bottling, a small amount of sedimentation can happen over time.  This will look like a fine layer of silt which settles on the bottom of the bottle if left undisturbed for a while.  This is mainly due to the presence of natural plant extracts, and will turn up especially if your bottle is subjected to fluctuations in temperature or exposed to sunlight.  White crystals of plant wax may also form if your bottle gets cold or you keep it in the fridge.  Warming it up to room temperature and a gentle shake or two should fix the issue, however if it does not disperse and you are concerned, please contact us.


While these may seem obvious, we need to point out...

Criminal Elements' fragrances are highly flammable; do not spray or use near an ignition source, open flame or while smoking...  They will set fire to you and your loved ones.

Keep out of reach of pets and children...  Every fragrance is formulated to taste as horrible as possible so accidental ingestion is highly unlikely, however if you have a resident masochist and ingestion does occur, immediately seek advice from a medical professional or contact the poisons information service in your country (in Australia this number is 131 126)

Our products are for external use only; avoid contact with eyes, mouth, broken or inflamed skin, or otherwise sensitive areas.  If irritation or reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately, wash affected area with soap and water, and seek advice from a dermatologist or other qualified medical professional.

Each fragrance contains materials from various sources; some of which include leaves, barks, seeds, fruits, flowers, balsams, resins and roots, as well as selected synthetically-derived aroma-molecules.  It is your responsibility to patch-test any product purchased from Criminal Elements either on clothes or skin to ensure that there are no concerns with staining, sensitivity, or allergic reaction.  If you have allergies, consider spraying on a strip of paper before you spray on yourself.



Most importantly though, happy sniffing!  Don't forget to enjoy, and stay safe =)

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