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Aelfrik Spektor


Criminal Elements (2014-2016)


When the planets aligned just right, Aelfrik Spektor met Corey Newcombe in early 2014 at a community garden meeting in the tiny rural Victorian town of Beulah. They quickly became friends, and bonded over their shared love of plants, cats, and fragrance.

When Corey started Criminal Elements, he and Aelfrik teamed up to establish the base elements range, using Corey's technical skills and business acumen, and Aelfrik's social media wizardry.  For a couple of years the duo were inseparable, until time and circumstance caused the two to part ways in 2016. Aelfrik took a job teaching English in Japan, and Corey moved to Adelaide to continue working on the business.

Aelfrik's contributions to the original versions of Sepal, Blackwater Thistle, Hollow and Tobacco Jam were invaluable in helping shape the ranges in their early stages, and were an important influence on Corey's creative direction for years after.

Bottles and sample vials by Pochpac

Engraving Crew.jpg

Laser engraving by the Engraving Crew

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