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~ apple, leather, osmanthus, tobacco ~


The original version of Queer, created in 2016 was an off-the-wall play on words inspired by the French word for leather ‘cuir’ pronounced the same way. Created during the wave of gender awareness which swept the nation, Queer was a bold and jarring commentary on life as a queer individual; highlighting the stereotype of BDSM culture with sharp leather notes that were just a little ‘fruity’. The contrasting interplay between synthetic and natural gave rise to one of the most challenging and least liked of our fragrances.  It is to pay homage to that creation which initially pushed so many boundaries, that I have redesigned the fragrance from the ground up. The leather accord which carries the osmanthus through into the base has been softened with precious woods, tobacco and amber, and the fruit sweetened and made more complex with a touch of jasmine and apple. The major notes are the same, but the emphasis is shifted, and the result speaks for itself.


Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring

Gender: Slightly feminine, but mostly unisex

Sillage: Moderate

Longevity: Moderate (~7 hours)


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