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~ jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla, benzoin ~


A labour of love, Sylphide was born in early 2018 from the desire to create a classic floral with a modern twist.  A love for the creamy white floral bouquet of an orange tree in full-bloom inspired the fusion of jasmine and orange blossom with olive and concord grape.  A warm vanilla and benzoin base underpins the florals and ensures a sensual transition through to dry-down.  Sylphide took the longest to craft out of all my fragrances, and is the 36th version of the final recipe; a painstaking commitment reflected only in the uncompromising quality of the ingredients.  Named after the ballet 'La Sylphide' in which an air spirit (a sylph) steals the heart of the protagonist.  Enjoy!


Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring

Gender: Feminine-leaning

Sillage: Heavy

Longevity: Lengthy (~8 hours)


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