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~ apple, lavender, pear, salt, driftwood, walnut ~


Pyrus, my second release in 2015, followed a brief romance with Josh Lobb’s Pear and Olive from Slumberhouse. It was this simple and elegant combination which inspired me to follow a delicious pear accord I had created to its organic conclusion; a joyful seaside getaway, with notes of white woods, apple blossom and musk. Lavender and a trace of cinnamon give warmth to the composition, while anise and a medicinal oud accord balances out the sweetness.  It was finally on the twenty-second version of this fragrance when I was satisfied. Here, it is presented in all its glory; named from the Latin ‘Pyrus’ (pear).


Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring

Gender: Feminine-leaning

Sillage: Moderate

Longevity: Moderate (~8 hours)


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