~frankincense, honey, cade, oud, tobacco, cypriol~


2019 Reformulation


Hearth, created in 2015 is a winter in the Mallee expressed in a bottle and my first release.  Living in a century-old wooden house with open fireplaces in every room quickly inspired a fragrance that sought to simultaneously capture the essence of both fresh and charred woods, yet remain accessible as a fragrance. Initially designed for my personal collection, Hearth contains a large proportion of essential oils and natural ingredients, and this latest version is now also vegan. Various bitey resins characterise a prickly and challenging backbone of frankincense and olibanum, which gives way to a base of labdanum and benzoin, with a touch of honey. Best let to develop on skin for a minute or two before sniffing, this fragrance is designed to work with your skin chemistry and gets better the longer you wear it.